With Piper, you're
always home.
What is Piper?
Piper is a device that lets you manage and connect with your home in an entirely new way. It’s the perfect balance of security, video monitoring, and automation­ that will make life safer and more convenient for you and your family.
Peace of Mind. Redefined.
Security at Your Fingertips

Piper is fully equipped to secure your home with a built-in video camera, motion and sound detectors as well as a piercing siren.

You’ll be notified of important events, in real-time, on your phone or tablet.

Once you receive notifications, you can watch recorded video of the event and decide what to do, which means no more false alarms.

Watch Over What Matters Most
  • Stream live video at any time on your phone or tablet to keep an eye on your home, including all the treasures inside.

  • Make sure everyone in your family is safe and sound.

  • You'll have one less thing to worry about after you lock up.

Automation You’ll Actually Use
Home Management Made Easy

Home automation has never been this simple and useful. Piper allows you to control your home for energy savings and added convenience.

Lights and Appliances at Your Service

With Piper and a smart switch, you can automate, schedule and remotely control lights and appliances directly from the Piper app.

Expand your Security Perimeter

With Door/ Window sensors you can get notified whenever a door or window is opened and also automate your Piper to take action when it happens.

Piper in the Press
Piper's Features
3 customizable security modes
Motion detector
Piercing siren
Integrate Z-Wave accessories into Piper's security modes, control them remotely, on a schedule or using environmental data
HD panoramic video
180° fisheye lens
Electronic pan, tilt, and 10X zoom
1080p camera sensor
Two-way audio
Customized alerts
Phone call, text message, email, and push notifications to users and their trusted circle when security rules are triggered
Two-way Audio
High quality speaker and microphone which allow you to speak through Piper and listen in
Environmental sensors
Ambient light
Ambient sound
Elegant design
Simple, intuitive app
Unique, compact, two-toned form with brushed metal legs
Smart hardware
ARM processor
Battery backup
Internal memory for video storage
802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
Android & iOS
Available on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets
Multi-Piper Capability
Ability to connect up to 5 Pipers on one wireless network with shared sensor data, camera views, and recorded videos.