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15 Must-Haves For Your Car Survival Kit

If you’ve got a car, then you should have a car survival kit – no if, ands or but’s about it.

Because it’s better to be over prepared than not prepared at all, I’ve put together a comprehensive list of the safety items you should store in your car survival kit:

1. Jumper cables in the unfortunate event your battery dies.

2. Duct tape can help if your bumper or hood/trunk gets loose.

3. First aid kit for any injuries that might happen.

4. Water bottles to keep you hydrated while you wait for help. They can also help with any cleaning you might need to do.

5. A seat belt cutter is best kept in your glove compartment.



6. Window breakers are also best kept in the glove compartment in case of emergency.

7. Maps…the print kind.

8. An energy blanket will keep you warm or cold, depending on the climate where you’re traveling.

9. Emergency flares are useful no matter where you’re traveling.

10. A Portable USB charger will give your phone the extra boost it needs to connect you to emergency services.

11. An empty gas can that you can walk to the nearest gas station with if your car happens to give out before you’re able to make the pit stop. Never ever drive around with a filled gas can.




12. Traction mats can really be a godsend when faced with excessively snowy, muddy, or ice-y surfaces that keep your car wheels spinning without grip.

13. Reflective triangles allow other drivers to know they should use caution when approaching.

14. A Flashlight is ideal because you never know what time your car might break down, or for how long. One of the worst things to be without in emergency situations is your eyesight.

15. Cash should be discreetly kept in your car for emergency situations, as most people (myself included) neglect to regularly carry it in today’s debit/credit dominated world.

You never know when you’ll need anything in the list above, making them essential must-haves in your car survival kit. If you can’t purchase them all at once, don’t worry – you can build up your kit over a period of time and even add other items not listed that you think you might need!

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