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3 Condo Balcony Gardening Secrets You Need To Know

It’s a widely held belief that condominium apartments and green thumbs don’t mix, however that’s a false assertion I’m ready to correct in today’s blog!

You see, it turns out that balcony gardening is a thing. A thing that allows for many fruits, vegetables, and plants that are grown in traditional backyard gardens to flourish on your balcony just as well…especially if you follow these three tips:

1. Pick a Unit On the South or West side.

If you’re serious about condo balcony gardening, make sure you pick a unit that’s located on the apartment complex’s south or west-facing side.

Why? Because the south & west sides of buildings receive the most sunlight and heat!


A young woman is relaxing on her apartment condo balcony on a sunny day


2. Check with your HOA for rules in relation to size, weight, and materials.

You don’t want to be the inconsiderate neighbour, do you?

3. Take up container gardening

One of the most space effective ways for you to garden in your apartment is via a technique called container gardening. Container gardening is the practise of exclusively growing fruits, vegetables, and plants in…yes, you guessed it…containers.

Planty planty

Based on the research I’ve done, it looks like a really neat and efficient way to garden when you don’t have a massive backyard. For a quick guide on best practises, you can read the guide Canadian Living put out.

My family used to grow corn, tomatoes and strawberries back when I was in grade school.

I need to find a crafty way to save on my grocery bill miss the joy of taking care of seeds and reaping the rewards of my labour, so I’m going to give container gardening a shot and report back with my progress for you to see!

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  1. Nice write up! Hydroponic gardening is nice for condo or apartment living too. The Aerogardan is great for herbs and such without needing to depend on the sun outdoors.

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