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3 Signs It’s Time To Expand Your Home Security System

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already got 1 or 2 home security systems keeping an eye on your place. Though they’re currently doing a good job as is, you might feel as though it’s time to expand the amount of security your place has in order to feel more at ease.

If you’re still going back and forth with yourself on whether or not it’s time to get another home security system or two, consider looking to the stars for signs that you might be right.

piper nv live smart home security system

Though I’m no astrologer, I can safely assume that if you’ve experienced at least one of the situations listed down below, then it’s probably time to upgrade your home security system by adding a few more cameras:

1. You’ve been engrossed by the pitter patter of a person traveling around a room, only to have an anxiety attack once they’ve left to a different one you haven’t placed a camera in.

where are you gifvia tumblr

Admit it, you’ve checked in on your home only to find your loved ones or pets minding their own business in the living room and caught yourself smiling because of the warm fuzzy feeling you get. Even though you’ve found them doing mundane things like vacuuming or flipping through a book, somehow, someway they’ve still got 100% of your attention and you can’t look away…even if you wanted to.

Except, wait–now they’ve grown tired of sitting around in the living room and want to watch TV from the kitchen while they prepare dinner. You know that they’re about to make the same lasagna they bake every Wednesday, but for some reason you start panicking because you can’t see them bake the lasagna.

Wondering why it’s causing you so much anxiety? It could be because not being able to fully see your home leaves you feeling highly uncertain about whether or not your one or two security systems really cut it.

2. You find yourself debating whether or not you really need to monitor the room you’ve currently placed your security system in.

Have you ever read an article about the most common areas break and enter’s occur in, decided you’d place your home security system in the number one spot, then began second-guessing yourself?

indecisive gifvia tumblr

If you’ve thought, “hmmm…the front entrance is generally the most vulnerable location in a home, but I feel like the back door is probably my most sensitive location.”

And followed it up with, “You know what – I’m going to protect both entrances equally by setting up my home security system by the front door from January-June and covering the back entrance from July-December!”

Then you probably should wait for your security company to come out with a bundle deal of some sort to save you both the extra cash and time.

3. You’ve been notified of a break-in but don’t have footage because it happened on the other side of your home.

This scenario is so awful I sincerely hope it never happens to anyone. Imagine you’ve set up a home security system and received a loud noise notification triggered by someone breaking in through a window or knocking down a door.

You turn on your mobile device to watch what happened and only see static footage of your unpopulated living room while you hear a burglar going through everything else upstairs in the bedroom.

are you kidding me gifvia tumblr

So now you’re left with the sounds of people rifling through your personal belongings, but nothing else to identify them by. Talk brutal.

Have any of these situations ever happened to you or crossed your mind? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. I have three Pipers in my main residence and one at a condo in Florida. If you tie the three together and one goes down you might lose all three needing a reset. To avoid this I have connected all three to separate e-mail accounts because I have nobody here to reset in case of failure of one unit. I wish that you would partner with someone like apple and use siri to arm and disarm to make it an easier process.

  2. Please add a feature that allows you to automatically log in to any of a number of multiple Piper installations. We have 2 Piper units in our home and 2 Piper units at our cottage. It is a pain in the butt to have to fully log out then manually input the email and password for the other account to see that installation, then to the same each and every time you want to change the location you want to view or monitor. All we are talking about is an installation selection drop box. This would not be a big deal, our Honeywell thermostat has this functionality as does the email app on any mobile device where you can access any email account you have set up the credentials for.
    While I have been gripping for this since I got my Pipers (basically the day they came on the market) it continues to get ignored, I guess until someone “important” starts to complain about it. Spend more time on this enhancement and less time sending out emails of Piper user dog monitoring videos. PLEASE! ! !

  3. This blog entry highlights a major gap in the piper accessory offering, we need a secondary camera option. Buying another Piper unit is overkill and far to expensive to be a feasible solution. Please find a way to offer additional camera only accessories like any other security system would offer.

  4. Ditto the above-remote reset/ re-arm ability is required. At the top of my list however is a Piper exterior ‘dome’ style camera. Needs to work -30C-+40C range. Thanks!

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