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3 Types Of People A Smart House Can Empower

Simple, routine tasks can be a daily struggle for some. That’s why understanding the benefits of investing in turning a simple home into a smart house could mean the difference between living independently at home and being in a special care home.

Smart home technology is often labelled as “cutting-edge” and “disruptive”, but how often do we think about its ability to empower and connect at risk people with their homes and loved ones?

A row of new townhouses or condominiums.

Steve O’Hear, writer at TechCrunch, technology journalist, and filmmaker couldn’t reach his light switch and was dependent on someone to turn them on/off due to being wheelchair bound. That was until he discovered how liberating the idea of customizing his own smart house could be.

Simple technologies like light switches that can be controlled via smartphone have a whole different meaning for those like Steve.

“My favorite technology is technology that isn’t designed for people with disabilities, but works anyways, it’s a leveler without intending to be.”

With that in mind, there are many other types of people you might have in your life who could benefit from the expanded accessibility smart home technology has to offer:

Aging Parent

Statistics show that 87% of adults over the age of 65 prefer to stay in their current home, which isn’t easy when they’re affected with diseases like alzheimer’s dementia, arthritis and other debilitating conditions. Smart houses can reduce the anxiety you might feel on a day to day basis wondering if they’re doing okay.

Father,son and grandson fishing together

For example,
Piper’s live footage gives you peace of mind while still giving them the independence they desire. Piper’s door/window sensor accessories send notifications to your smartphone if any doors or windows are left open undesirably. 

A specialized device called The Lively system is a great tech option that keeps you informed on the patterns of your loved ones, like their medications or the number of steps they take per day. A great way to make them stop worrying about you worrying about them!

Physically Disabled Bachelor/Bachelorette

Smart houses can help turn a physically disabled bachelor or bachelorette’s home into a safer, more enjoyable space. It would reduce trips to light switches, door locks, and alarm panels, subsequently putting the power of “control” back in their hands.

Did you know:
Piper supports an LED light bulb that can be scheduled, automated, dimmed or turned on & off remotely via the app. How’s that for control?

A Special Needs Child

Any child needs to be alone from time to time to learn independency. This can be especially difficult and scary for the parents of a child with special needs. Smart homes reduce that stress, for both the parents and the child.

For example,
Piper’s 2-way audio system allows you to hear your child and talk to them in case of emergency.

Teenager looking at camera while dialling a telephone

As you can see, the ultimate smart house goes far beyond having the latest and greatest gadgets. For some, it’s about increasing mobility and comfort around the home, providing the tools necessary for that all-important sense of independence.

Has smart home technology empowered you or anyone close to you with the ability to live independently? Let us know in the comments below!


    1. Hey Jim,
      Thanks for reading, I’m very happy to be a part of an organization that helps better people’s lives 🙂

  1. We installed piper for my 84 -year-old mother who lives on her own in Ireland (after my sister in the US recommended it) She has MS so needs a walker to help her balance. This has given us great peace of mind as it alerts us if the doors are opened etc. Just to be able to see on the cameras that she’s okay, for example, if she doesn’t pick up her phone or Facetime we can see if she’s asleep are elsewhere. Fabulous product!

  2. *** THE *** awesome new feature you should add to piper…..is the ability to record full 24/24.

    Sometimes to help us to better understand how to help family members affected with diseases like alzheimer’s dementia, arthritis and other debilitating conditions, it would be essential to review a long period of time of the day.

    Or to catch that dishonest employee that you suspect is stealing you or the health care personnel that you suspect that is maltreating you family member…..

    The best way to do it is IMO to add a feature in the Piper application to let us buy for 1.00$….24h full time record. Just like in smartphone games….( angrybird etc ) we could use our Google store ( Apple store ) moneys to buy directly in the piper app. as many crédits that we want with out any obligations.

    Let say we only want to record for 24h then we only click to by one credit…..48h….two crédits etc. To be able to only buy 1.00$ credit and directly in the Piper application and with our googlestore money would really make Piper….the number 1 security système…

    thank you

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the suggestion! We’re always looking for ways to improve your Piper experience & will definitely pass this along to our product management team.

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