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3 Ways To Teach Your Children How To Safely Answer The Door

The amount of trust children automatically extend to people is both endearing and worrisome, as the wrong sorts of people can take advantage of this quality and place them in danger. That’s why it’s important to teach your children a few safety tips to help them navigate the world around them in the safest possible manner.
Sometimes you as a parent do not hear the doorbell ring in your home because you’re either on the phone, in another room, preparing dinner, or otherwise preoccupied. It’s natural for a child to want to help (or be curious) and take it upon themselves to open the door without first consulting you.
Though they mean well, children opening the door can potentially put themselves and the household in danger because they tend to open the door too wide. In doing this they expose the sorts of valuable items you have in your home, whether or not you have security systems or pets, the amount of children living there, and other information that is valuable to a person who could potentially be a robber.
To make sure your family is safe when the doorbell rings and you can’t answer it (despite being home) teach your children these three important tips:
Do not open the door wider than the width of your head: Let the guest see as little of your home as possible because any information they gather about your living quarters can be dangerous.
Close the door when looking for a parent: When the person at the door asks your child to speak to you, make sure your child knows to close the door and lock it before leaving the person at the door to look for you. If they leave it even the slightest bit open, the wind could blow it open even wider, exposing what”s inside, or the person could easily make their way into the home.
Never tell strangers that your parents are not home: I was guilty of this once when I was a pre-teen. A deliveryman brought over a package and asked for a signature. In my youthful naivety I asked him if I could sign for it under my mother’s name for her because she was’t home. I was lucky that he turned out to be a normal delivery man who didn’t kidnap me or rob the house, but it’s better to be safe than sorry by not telling strangers that you’re home alone- especially considering anybody can buy a uniform costume and carry around a box and claim to be the UPS man.
Only you can know whether your child is ready to take on the responsibility of answering the door but a Piper wireless camera system can help you keep an eye on them as they learn and even coach them on best practices. ¬†Ensure that they notify you before heading to the door so that you can check in and monitor the interaction from your smartphone in live time and even join the conversation via Piper’s two-way audio system. If you see something going wrong, you can tell your child to close the door and the stranger to leave before you call the police, and even sound its 105 dB siren.