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4 Major Home Security Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

Home security is a lot more accessible than most people give it credit for, which is why it kinda blows my mind that some opt to ignore it for no real reason.

Although traditional security systems have been the go-to for decades, smart home security systems are starting to dominate the space given their affordability, wireless nature, ability to provide live monitoring, and so on.

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Don’t have a home security system? That’s not the only mistake you’re making when it comes to protecting your home.

In fact, here are 4 other habits you should be breaking ASAP:

1.Leaving your lights stagnant

Police officers and security companies have been talking about the importance of lights that you can control remotely for quite some time now. According to Kristen Bentsen, a Sheriff of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office who gets insider information from the burglars she deals with, lights are one of the biggest decision elements for whether or not a burglar would choose to target your home. “If they go past a house in the evening that’s not well-lit, that may be more of a target than a home that is lit very well.”

2.Not breaking down boxes

How many times have you received a package from your online shopping adventures & thrown out the box without first shredding the shipping labels that carry your personal information?

Valentine's day gift

You really aren’t doing much to protect yourself when you leave boxes containing your full name, address and contact number out in the open on garbage day for pretty much anyone to stumble upon and use any way they’d like.

3.Being completely unarmed

You can use all the automated lights you want and never forget to remove identifying information from the packages you leave out come boxing day, but you’d still be missing an essential part of home security.

piper nv smart home security camera iPhone home monitoring

If your home is ever broken into, the first thing you’d want is to at least have video evidence that can be used to put the intruders away. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for a security camera, or even pay any monthly fees. When you purchase a Piper smart home security system, you get to relax knowing that your one-time buy can be the difference between worrying about who could have possibly broken into your place and knowing that they’re sitting behind bars.

4. Opening The Door To Strangers

According to reports, over 8,000 home invasions happen each day in North America, and most burglars enter homes through the front door.

Don’t picture someone picking your lock quite yet, since reports claim that the majority of front door robberies happen when a home owner answers their door for a stranger who quickly takes the opportunity to force their way in the moment the door was unlocked.

A row of new townhouses or condominiums.

That’s why it’s so important to always look before opening the door, so when house hunting, try to make it a priority to find a home that either has windows next to the front door for you to peek through, or a peephole for you to look through before deciding whether or not you want to open in.


  1. This is a great list of tips, especially the one about leaving lights stagnant. Leaving your home dark and empty-looking is an easy indicator that it might be the prime target for a burglar’s night out. Even installing a timed switch to change up the lighting in your house while gone could make the difference in someone’s likelihood to break in. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Piper NEEDS a video doorbell device ASAP. The Piper NV is clearly the best in it’s class – Please get a video doorbell device!!

  3. I’m with these ppl ,stay waiting for outdoor videos, that can scan my front and back yard,,,I have plenty of lighting out side with four security lights,all four corners of house, no dark ares around my house, but need to be able to scan yard when not home, before break in, not after..

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