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4 Reasons Not to Get a DIY Home Security System

Do-it-yourself home security systems have become a thing, and a rapidly growing thing at that. But is that a good thing?

They boast convenience, affordability, ease of installation and advanced features but that’s all overrated and here’s why:

4. There’s No Place Like Home

Why would anyone ever leave the house? All your stuff is there.

A DIY security system would only be useful for people who travel, commute to work or do things out in the world.

Also, there are these things called ‘door locks’ to protect homes from robberies if you mistakenly wander outside. Sure 58% of burglaries in the U.S. last year were by forcible entry (https://goo.gl/xmR7UI), but those people probably just had bad locks or something…

Home Security

The tricky part was getting the lock on, from the inside.

If I’m completely basing my assumptions on personal experience, which I am, I’d say that for these reasons, DIY security appeals to very few people.

Sometimes people actually do need to leave home often (weird, right?), which brings me to my next point…

3. Mystery is Fun

Even if I left the house, for some odd reason, I’d rather not know what happened while I was away. I mean, that one time I travelled, it was a bit odd that all my valuables were missing and that my family pictures were replaced with caricatures of U.S. presidents but that’s just one of those enigmas to which an answer will never be found.

What Happens When You Travel

This really isn’t Mom’s best picture…

If I had a DIY security system, I would have had video of what happened, which would have killed all the fun. Now I can stay awake all night and obsess over likely scenarios for the rest of my days. Endless fun.

2. No Monthly Fees

I know what you’re thinking, you’re all like “Justin, I love to support the economy, would these security systems offer me the pleasure of paying monthly fees?” Let me just start off by saying, wow. You are an exemplary citizen.

Secondly, some systems, like Piper, don’t even allow good citizens like you to support the economy with stable recurring fees. It’s crazy right? It’s like it was created by some ‘socialist Canadians’ or something. Oh wait, it totally was.

Piper Security System

How will you fund your free health care, if you don’t take my money?!

1. New Technology is Scary

Ok so, let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you need to get a security system, even though you never leave the house, love mystery and desperately want to support the economy. If you’re like me, which you most certainly are, the term “Early Adopter” makes you cringe as hard as the “Man Bun”.

Man Bun

Ugh I never thought I’d say this but, please bring back the Mullet

Sure, some of these DIY systems are backed by home security industry veterans and have been all over the news foiling robberies for some time but the small one-time investment is a much riskier proposition than being robbed of all your valuables, right? Right?


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  1. Thanks Justin for the post. I hope you are fine. What kind of a security system would you suggest for an aged couple if they go out of there home to enjoy a holiday trip and not so much aware of the technology.

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