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4 Reasons You Should Seriously Consider Living In An Apartment

If you’re trying to debate the pros and cons between choosing to live in an apartment vs. a house, this article might be able to help you get excited about the idea of living in an apartment.

On the surface, living in an apartment can seem a bit unideal because of the low square footage, but once you get past the space issue, everything else seems pretty uphill!

1. You Get To Be At The Center Of Everything

Farmer’s markets, entertainment complexes, restaurants, and bars can all be at your feet when you choose to settle into a centrally located condo. If you’re especially lucky, you could end up on a good floor that automatically gives you free box seats to all the baseball and football games your city’s team has to offer.

A young woman is relaxing on her apartment condo balcony on a sunny day

2. Cut Your Transportation Costs By At Least Half

Whether you’re currently relying on your car, taxis or the bus to get you from point A to point B, consider those bills slashed by at least half when you choose to live in a centrally located apartment…especially if you also work downtown!

Think about it, most of the time your friends want to meet up for Happy Hour it’s at a downtown bar. When you’ve got a dinner date, where does it typically take place? And how about that sports arena you cheer for your favorite sports team at? You got it- downtown. When you live in the center of everything, the cost of transportation decreases substantially, and you may even potentially be able to ditch that gas guzzling car altogether!

3. No More Gym Passes!

Exercising is a whole lot easier when living in an apartment because most complexes have exercise facilities that are included in the costs of being a resident. One of the most popular excuses people have for giving up on their New Years resolution to exercise is that their local gym is too far away. When you live in an apartment, you get to eliminate that popular barrier to fitness in addition to the actual cost of paying for a gym membership! 2 birds 1 stone, anyone?

4. Eliminate Your Yard Work, Completely!

Who here loves doing yard work?!

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Didn’t think so.

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