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4 Security Devices You Need In Your Vacation Home

Vacation homes are a great place to go to in order to get away from the stresses of everyday life. Whether your home is up in the mountains, by the lake, or by the beach, make sure that you take all the necessary precautions to keep it as safe as possible so that it remains in one piece every time you head over.
Thanks to security systems like Piper, maintaining security over your vacation home is more affordable and accessible than ever. Piper’s additional wireless accessories can be paired with it to assist in leak detection, lighting control, remotely locking your doors, and more security measures that you should take to protect your home. 

What are the top security devices you need in your vacation home to maintain its safety? Find out in our list below, where most items are under $50!

1) Security camera: Security cameras like Piper allow you to have a live view of what’s going on in your home so it feels like you never really left. In addition to being able to watch and listen live, Piper also allows you to customize your own security modes so that you’re alerted the moment things that trigger your security settings (like motion or sound) are detected. In addition to alerting you of the security breaches, Piper also sends you video clips of the events that you can download for free!
2) Door/Window sensors: These are great wireleess accessories any home should have. First level doors and windows are the main entrance points that burglars use when they enter your home, so why not secure them with these inexpensive devices? Not only do door/window sensors notify you of potential burglars, they also help you keep your children safe when you place them on entryways that can potentially pose as hazardous to children, like liquor cabinets, outdoor pool gates, and more. For the full list, read this previous blog.
3) Water sensors: Few things in life are worse than coming home to find that your precious property has been riddled with water damage. Especially when the damage costs are many times more than the price of an accessory that would notify you in time to prevent it in the first place. Since you’re not able to monitor your vacation home’s pipes on a regular basis, consider pairing your Piper security system with water sensors and keep them in places that are susceptible to floods like under kitchen sinks, by hot water tanks, behind toilets, and more.
4) Smart switch: A Florida-based sheriff recently revealed that lighting is the #1 thing burglars look for when deciding which homes to target. According to her, “lighting is crucial. If they go past a house in the evening that’s not well-lit, that may be more of a target than a home that is lit very well. That’s why we recommend pairing your Piper with at least one smart switch so that you’re able to turn your lights on and off regardless of where you are, so that you’re home always appears occupied and decreases the risk of break-ins.
How will you secure your vacation home? Let us know in the comments below!