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4 Types of People Targeted for Home Invasions

Home invasions are one of the scariest crimes to fall victim to. Simply put, a home invasion is what happens when robbers force their way into your home while you (and potentially your entire family) are home.

We often get asked to share insights on the way that robbers think in order to help you put together your home security plans and protect yourself from as many angles as possible.

Well, here’s what we know about the people home invasion robbers target:

1. Known Drug Dealers

Drug dealers are typically targeted for their propensity to carry massive amounts of cash. Robbers figure that what drug dealers lack in terms of valuable household items like jewelry, electronics, etc. they more than make up for in cold hard, cash.

2. Single Women

Women who live alone are targeted by robbers because they are perceived to be less of a physical threat.


3.  The Elderly

Similarly to single women, the elderly are typically targets of home invasions because they’re not perceived to be much of a physical threat.

4. Social Media Show-Offs

Robbers target homes that they suspect will produce a high pay off, and sometimes the victims unknowingly help these criminals by sharing too much of their wealth and trinkets on social media.

If you or your loved ones fall into any of these categories, there are a variety of ways you can protect yourself from being victims of this crime. For one, the majority of burglars get in by knocking on the front door and forcing their way in once it’s opened. Never open the door for anyone you don’t know. Always make sure to look through your front window or peep hole before opening the door.