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4 Unexpected Ways Cameras Are Being Used

There are some pretty obvious use cases for an all-in-one security system such as Piper; like protecting your home, kids, pets, business etc… But throughout conversations with users we’ve found out that Piper can be used for much more ‘obscure’ things that we never thought of.

*Piper in no way endorses these use cases and cannot guarantee that it will work again in the particular manner described (it probably will, but you know “Legal Stuff”).

1. Squirrel Cam

This gem is from the archives. One of our founders had placed one of the first Piper classic’s outside in a small housing (*again, this is not recommended by Piper) just to see how long it could last, and it lasted through the most brutal conditions Canada could throw at it. While it proved to be surprisingly robust, it also proved to be incredibly useful as a squirrel deterrent. Pesky squirrels were stealing bird food and ruining bird houses so with 2-way audio, and maybe a few siren ‘chimes’ when they were far enough away, he was able to keep them at bay. The land was at peace once again, but for how long?


450-300-squirrel eating nuts out of a feeder


2. Party Pooper

A popular story we’ve heard is of our users having Pipers standing guard in their dorm rooms and shared homes as they attend college. Most of the time you’re bundled with people you don’t know, so it’s always a good idea to know what’s going on while you’re out “studying”. This story isn’t about that. We had a user raving about how his Piper and door/window sensors helped him and his roommates gain some much need peace of mind while they were throwing parties. By strategically placing some door sensors they were always in the know regarding people going into their rooms for ummm…


Holy cow that’s a giant bee! (or a tiny bird…)


Anyways, without going into graphic detail, they were able to prevent anything happening that they didn’t want happening by responding to instant notifications. Hooray!

3. Get Real (Estate)

It’s pretty uncomfortable having strangers in your home while you’re away, which is why some people get Piper and watch over the place while contractors are there or during an open house. Things got weird for one of our users though… He had his home listed and an agent was bringing people through the house now and again, so he placed his Piper near the entrance. He received a Piper notification late at night and had to see what was going on. Well it was just his real-estate agent, so no big deal right? Not right, left if anything, she had brought a date over to experience his beautiful home after hours for ummm…

“Ugh… Not these two again!”
“Ugh… Not these two again!”

Because of Piper he was able to get much needed justice. Hooray!

4. Get Real-er (Estate-er ?)

This was a totally different user (I swear), he was also selling his home but was having a tough go of it. They are completely honest people (I swear) and just wanted to make sure others were being respectful of their stuff while they were away so they tucked a nice Piper nv in the corner of the kitchen. To their surprise/delight, they found themselves watching video at the exact moment where their prospective buyers were discussing their offer. Let’s just say it came in handy and this user’s Piper has paid for itself many times over, more quickly than usual.


“Are you serious, this picture again?!?! It doesn't even make sense here!”
“Are you serious, this picture again?!?! It doesn’t even make sense here!”


If you have a story that’s mildly entertaining feel free to email us at info@getpiper.com, or you can rob us of a part 2 post and write it in the comment section below. Thanks!