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45% Of Home Renovations Include Smart Home Technology

Houzz, an online community about home decor, design and architecture, found that about 45% of the nearly 1,000 homeowners they surveyed sought to integrate smart home technology into their renovation plans.

The majority (25%) of respondents reported installing security devices, followed by entertainment (18%), climate control (14%) and trailed by lighting (12%) in their newly renovated homes. The addition of smart home technology also seemed to be a morale booster, with homeowners typically describing themselves as having more satisfaction with their homes’ smarter features than the traditional.


“These homeowners aim to improve the comfort, convenience, safety, and energy usage of their home during their renovations, and smart technology appears to address many of their needs. While many homeowners report difficulty learning about and finding the right smart products to fit their needs, high levels of adoption and satisfaction among renovators are sound predictors of a wider reliance on these technologies among the general public in the near future.”  Says Nino Sitchinava, principal economist at Houzz.


Has smart home technology improved your at-home experience? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Which would make it nice if Piper supported WeMo accessories.

    Also, with a recent update, I can’t figure out how to manually turn my lights off without changing the schedule. How do I do that?

    1. You can pair them via IFTTT, if you’d like! Please give our support team a ring in regards to your lights, as that’s the first we’re hearing of the problem. We’d be happy to walk you through troubleshooting: 1-888-612-7688

  2. On the app, middle of the page, there is an icon on the left side (at least on my iPhone) with a square and what looks like a wi-fi signal. Tap that and you will see your devices listed and you can turn your lights on and off there.

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