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5 Home Security Myths DEBUNKED

There are so many misinformed half truths floating around the Internet and real life conversations about home security. As you’ve probably gathered by now, this blog is all about educating you on home security so that you can make the best decisions for your home.

So, without further ado, let’s dig into the top 5 home security myths!

1. A Dog Is Security Enough

This is one of the most popular statements I’ve seen and heard in regards to why a person may not be interested in buying a home security system. Many people think that just because their dog barks when someone knocks on the door it will scare potential intruders away.

Unfortunately, many burglaries occur while dogs are in the home so it doesn’t really hold up very often. In fact, sometimes the dogs don’t even make a single sound when intruders enter the home –even if you’re there as well!

2. Home Security Systems Are Expensive

Here’s another widely held belief that prevents people from taking the necessary steps to protect themselves.

A lot of people are actually unaware that DIY wireless security systems like Piper exist and therefore assume that peace of mind is not something they can afford because it typically comes with long term contracts and monitoring fees attached.

3. You Don’t Need Security Systems When You Live In A “Good” Neighbourhood

There’s something ironically funny about this sentiment, which is this: don’t you think a burglar would rather risk jail time breaking and entering in homes that look like they’d have high ticket items than ones that don’t?

beautiful landscaped suburban home

4. I’ll Get Charged For False Alarms

This belief kind of ties in with the second myth, in that most people who think of security systems picture the wired ones with central monitoring that have traditionally dominated the space. False alarms cost tax payers millions of dollars annually but, thanks to DIY security, they are slowly becoming a thing of the past due to home owners being able to see inside their homes remotely before deciding whether or not an alarm is worth involving emergency responders.

5. Security Cameras Only Record Burglaries, They Don’t Prevent Them

This is probably one of the most controversial myths, given that it results in the most heated debates on both sides.

My personal take on it is that home security is a layered effort. When you decide to arm your home, you should consider arming it from the exterior (surrounding property), centre (your home), and interior (family members, pets, and valuables, such as cash or memorabilia).


Not only should you be looking at security cameras, but exterior motion activated flood lights, security window film, door/window sensors, and external motion sensors as well.