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5 Incredible Ways Door/Window Sensors Can Save A Life

Typically when people think of purchasing door/window sensors for their Pipers, they place them on their outer doors and windows so that Piper can notify them immediately in the event of burglaries.
This is absolutely fine, given that first level windows and doors are the most common ways burglars enter homes, but what about using these sensors within your home to potentially save the lives of your family members?

Here are a few unique ways you can use your door/window sensors to prevent accidents from happening within your home, and react to them quicker in the event that they do occur:
Liquor cabinets: Let’s face it; many of today’s teens have begun experimenting with alcohol. One of the most popular alternative routes to them accessing it given their underage status is via their own parents’ liquor cabinets.
There’s nothing wrong with keeping your own supply of alcohol as an adult of legal age, but with great pleasure comes great responsibility (or something like that); especially when you have children at home to consider. To be notified the second your sensors detect that your liquor cabinet has been opened, simply stick your accessories to the cabinet door and Piper will alert you the moment it happens. Which, of course, we hope it never does.
Medicine cabinets: Again, when you’ve got children in your home you’ve got to be careful about things you wouldn’t normally think twice about. Younger children may accidentally go through your pills not realizing their danger, and older teenagers may go through them specifically because they are dangerous. So why not eliminate the stress of worrying about whether or not any of your pills are missing?
Gun Repository: The right to bear arms should never trump the safety of your children. Too often we hear stories of children as young as toddlers obtaining firearms carelessly left lying around the house, and accidentally causing lethal harm with them. It’s important to not only lock your gun repository, but to arm it with a security system that allows you to be notified the instant your lock has been dismantled so you can react as quickly as possible.
Pool Gates: It’s important to have gates around your pool to keep your children and pets from wandering into it unsupervised. Though gates eliminate a lot of the danger behind your children accessing the family pool, they don’t alert you the second it happens so that you have the opportunity to act quickly. That’s why it just might be a good idea to place door/window sensors on the gates so you know you can save that much more time in the event of an emergency where every second counts.
Miscellaneous Chemicals: Chemicals found in homes vary, but the most common ones include cleaning solutions such as glass polishers, mopping solutions, bleach, wood polish, and even rat poison. These chemicals are dangerous when accessed by anyone for unauthorized purposes, especially children and pets.

If the children in your household are particularly young, don’t choose to use door/window sensors as an alternative to childproofing doors and windows. Simply think of these gadgets as items that can work in conjunction with recommended childproofing methods in a way that allows you to know what’s going on in restricted areas the moment they happen.
So, there you have it; a list of places you could put door/window sensors to save a life. Piper is compatible with well over 200 z-wave accessories, and with door/window sensors costing only $39.95; they’re an affordable option worth looking into when it comes to the safety of your family.
What do you think about our list, have you placed your sensors in areas like these, or would you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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