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5 Reasons a Security System Makes a Great Wedding Gift

Buying a wedding gift is a difficult task loaded with self-conscious questions like: What will be useful to the couple? Will it remain a meaningful part of their life? What if they don’t like my gift – will I be publicly shamed on Facebook?

Oftentimes we don’t think of home security systems when considering the sorts of gifts newlyweds would need and appreciate. However, they just might be the perfect gift, and here are a few reasons why:

Help them Honeymoon Happily

Though the lovers may appear happy and care-free in social media photos, what you don’t see is the anxiety they most likely have about what could be taking place in their home as they enjoy the beaches and knock back the margaritas.

Did we forget to turn out the light? Will we return home to an empty home? Will we return home to a squatter? Is our house sitter snooping around?

Simple yet impactful worries that could be easily eliminated with a home security system.

Not all security systems were created equal, though. We recommend gifting them with one that allows them to keep an eye on their home night & day, has backup battery in the event of a power outage, and multiple ways to communicate with them in the event of emergency.

You know what else could be useful? A trusted circle feature that allows them to rest assured knowing their closest family & friends will be notified about any disturbances that occur in the home and  can quickly help out in case of any issues.


Save them Money

Weddings can be expensive, but Piper comes without any monthly fees! You won’t be signing the lovers up for a costly commitment, and might actually end up saving them money. Installing a home security system reduces home insurance by an average of 20%.

Additionally, Piper works with wireless accessories such as light dimmers. This can help save money on the electricity bill: the couple can turn out their lights remotely if they ever forget. They can even remotely control and schedule heating and cooling systems to set them on a timer and create a schedule.

Give them a Smart Home

Getting the newlyweds started on automating their house is a great way to help them feel like true homeowners. A smart home is incredibly convenient and easy to manage, especially with Piper’s streamlined app. As mentioned above, Piper is compatible with a wide range of wireless accessories that allow the newlyweds to manage many aspects of their home, including temperature, lighting, and appliances, in addition to Piper’s security capabilities.

Much like the group pitch to buy a flat-screened TV, you can coordinate gifts with other guests to get the couple a wireless accessory package, to provide them with a smart, connected home to go with their Piper.

With our new IFTTT channel, they’ll also be able to connect other aspects of their home in convenient ways. Imagine giving people the gift of waking up to a freshly brewed cup of joe every morning!


Functional for Families

The newlyweds are likely thinking about starting a family. Perhaps it will begin with pets, or come to include them; eventually there might be a baby – or several.

Piper comes equipped with a feature called pet at home, which allows users to  adjust the motion sensor’s sensitivity to account for the size of their pets so they are always in control of their notifications.

Piper nv - Baby nursery Room

A Gift that Matters

A heartfelt gift does not need to sacrifice functionality for feels. Giving the gift of a security system like Piper means giving the gift of convenience, safety, security, and peace of mind.

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