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5 Things You May Not Know About Traveling With A Passport

Let’s face it- it’s easy to get stressed out about your travel plans and forget even the most essential things. Many people assume passports either never expire, or expire in so long that they don’t feel the need to check theirs before booking a trip.
Seeing as a passport is the single most important piece of documentation travelers need, I’ve complied a list of 5 important things you may not (but should) know about traveling with a passport:

1) You can get a passport within 48 hours: This first fact is costly and risky, so I definitely do not recommend using it. All I’m saying is that you don’t have to start pulling your hair out if you find out 4 or 5 days ahead of your trip that your passport is about to expire. Paying for your passport to be express processed is more expensive than planning ahead and getting your ducks in a row ahead of time, but I do understand that oversights happen, and apparently the passport office does too.

2) Passports issued to those 15 & younger last shorter than those issued over 16: Yep, that’s right. Just because your passport expiry date is not for another 10 years, doesn’t mean you don’t need to check on your children’s. The passports of those aged 15 and younger are only valid for 5 years, while the 16+ population gets to enjoy an extra 5 years of stress-free traveling.

Who said aging wasn’t fun?

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3) Your pets need passports too: Before you get all excited about the cheap boarding prices for your pet and buy the tickets thinking there’s no ID required for it other than a bejewelled name tag, think again. There are actually quite a bit of requirements you need to look into before traveling with a pet. For example, certain governments ask that you contact the embassy of your destination country to get the requirements for importing animals.

4) Some countries see passports nearing expiration as invalid: If you’re thinking about taking off with a passport that’s set to expire in 6 months or less, think again. Many countries consider passports expiring within 6 months as invalid and can refuse you entry based upon it.

5) A trashy looking passport gets you nowhere: Seriously. If your passport is excessively wrinkled, suffering from major water damage, or anything else that makes it appear unkempt and messy, you just might be in for the surprise of your life when it gets rejected at the boarding gates.

Have you ever had an interesting passport experience when traveling abroad? Share your experiences in our comments section below!

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  1. Can we rename this article 5 things AMERICANS may not know about travelling with a passport?

    These points are mere common sense

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