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5 Ways To Decrease Your Home Energy Bill

So you want to save money on your energy bill, huh? Tired of watching your monthly bill rise higher and higher while wondering what you’re doing to cause such dramatic reverse free fall?

You’ve come to the right guide. Now, turn off any lights you’re not using, sit back and take in these energy saving tips:

1. Switch To LED Lights

As mentioned in a previous blog, LED lights are a pretty decent money saver, especially when you think about their long-term benefits.

Hand changing a regular light bulb for LED at home lower energy bill

2. Close Any Lights You’re Not Using

I used to hate when my parents would give us lectures whenever we were too lazy to forgot to turn off any lights we weren’t using in the house, but now that I pay my own energy bill, it’s a sentiment I can totally get behind.


3. Create A Money Saving Air Conditioning Schedule

If you’ve got a connected thermostat then this is a lot easier to do. A lot of connected thermostats even allow you to get a general overview of your consumption as well so that you can see where you could save some money on the next energy bill. Here’s a bonus air conditioning tip: set your temperature even just one or two degrees warmer than you usually would and the savings will add up before you know it! The most important reason to set a schedule is so that you have a routine that prevents you from accidentally leaving your air conditioner running when you’re away.

4. Do Laundry During Off-Peak Hours

This is another tip I learned living with my parents. Doing laundry during off-peak hours can actually save you quite a bit of money on your energy bill! This means waiting until about 7 PM, which I hated at my parent’s house because of how big the place was (running around with piles of laundry is not fun!), but now that I live in a modest sized apartment, it’s an awful lot easier to go from the laundry to bedroom.

Here’s a quick chart from Hydro One to show you the pricing differences during various seasons and times:

5. Invest In Energy Efficient Lights & Appliances

Energy efficient lights and appliances are specifically designed to cut down your carbon footprint and give you the most bang for your longterm buck when it comes to consumption and the prices you pay for running them. They may cost a bit more than standard lights and appliances in the short term, but life’s a marathon and not a sprint.


  1. I was reading this comment about these thermostats can be paired to Piper.
    Question 1 – What does IFTTT mean?

    Question 2 – Of the 3 thermostats listed which seems to do the best with Piper? (ecobee, nest or honeywell) I would like to add a thermosat to my 2 Piper system.

    Model numbers would also help… Thanks


  2. I have tried pairing my Ecobee with my Piper NV, no success, any suggestions or step by step procedures??

    Thank you,

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