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6 Easy Ways To Child-Proof Your Kitchen Today

Do you have your own children? Or do you (like me) have to child-proof your home in order to protect your younger relatives and friends’ children?

Either way, I’ve got an easy-to-implement 6-point guide to making sure your kitchen is a much safer place for kids to be:


1. Put The Saran Wrap, Parchment Paper, And Tinfoil Away

Saran wrap and tinfoil are two totally unassuming products nearly every kitchen  stocks. Until there’s a baby to look out for, that is. Both items contain very sharp and dangerous jagged metal edges that make them a high risk item to leave out in the open. Consider placing them in a special drawer or cupboard that’s unaccessible to babies.

Family Cooking Kitchen Food Togetherness Concept two children child proof kitchen

2. Keep Controllers Unaccessible

We obviously don’t want babies turning on our stoves, ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers. That’s why it’s important to look into finding child-proof products that keep them locked to non-adults.

3. Secure Your Kitchen Sink

Most households keep dish detergents, various other cleaning solutions, and rough items like steel wool right under the kitchen sink. It seems harmless enough, and that a child wouldn’t even venture into that territory, but given their wide-eyed curiosity, it is very common for young children to explore the various cupboards they can get their hands on, and unfortunately for them and their families, sometimes end up hospitalized for ingesting the toxic cleaning chemicals they innocently find. A great way to have peace of mind knowing children haven’t opened the kitchen sink doors is to place a pair of door/window sensors on it so that you’re notified the moment it’s opened.

Man with pipe wrench under a kitchen sink fixing a leak

4. Consider Alternative Cleaning Solutions

If securing your cupboard isn’t enough to keep your anxiety at bay, I’d also suggest potentially switching your cleaning ingredients altogether. There are a few companies out there that offer non-hazardous cleaning solutions that your children would be a lot safer coming into contact with, though it’s still recommended that you secure your cupboard either way.


5. Put A Lid On It

I don’t know how or why, but babies tend to put pretty much everything they find in their mouths. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’ve got a garbage can with a lid on it in your kitchen so they don’t end up choking on leftovers or anything else you might have thrown away.


6. Tightly Tie Those Plastic Bags

If you’re like me and have a cupboard dedicated to the plastic bags you get from grocery stores, you might want to consider the way you store them. Before my sister had her baby, I would just casually shove them into their designated kitchen cupboard and pull them out whenever I needed a quick trash bag, but now that there’s a new toddler making his way around my home so often, I’ve learned to do two things: 1) move their storage location from an easily accessible lower cupboard to a higher one, and 2) tightly tie them together so hard that itty bitty fingers could never unravel the knot and place it over their head.


Well, there you have it – six easy to implement ways to childproof your kitchen today!

Do you have any other child-proofing tips? Let us know in the comments below!