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6 Home Security Tips for Single Moms

You may have read our recent post concerning security blogger Rose’s experiences with an ex-boyfriend that led to her commitment to home security systems. Following that article, we’ve decided to look further into how single women – and in this case single moms – can keep themselves safe.

Being a single mom comes with additional worries and responsibilities, especially concerning your kids and home’s safety. Here are six ways you can ensure your home is secure:

Lock it Up

Change your locks after a break-up, especially if it was rough. You can’t be sure if your ex has a copy of your house keys, or if they know where you keep your spare. Replacing locks and maintaining the privacy of your spare keys will keep your home from being easily penetrated. It’s also good to check your windows to make sure they’re updated and have functioning locks. Older homes are more likely to need these updates.burglar-robber-entering-home-break-in-caught-piper-wireless-security-camera

Get a Home Security System

Updating doors and windows can be supplemented by the addition of door and window sensors. DIY home security systems like Piper have Z-Wave capabilities which allow them to work with wireless accessories. This means you can receive a notification, text, or phone message any time a door or window is opened.

Piper is also equipped with a motion sensor and alarm, offering you the tools you need to deter a would-be intruder.

Piper’s two-way audio and live video feed also allow you to connect with your kids coming home and see that they’re safe. Especially if you’re a single mom that works late, this feature will let you know that your kids are okay, and it’s not someone else entering your home.sec-1

Don’t Broadcast being a Single Mom

When you do, it informs people that there might not be someone home for most of the day, leaving both your home, and potentially your kids, at greater risk to someone looking to take advantage of your temporarily vacated house. It also makes a popular technique, “the fake-out” (turning lights on remotely when you’re away from home to give the appearance of someone being present) much more difficult.


Be Social Media Safe

Similarly, never live post photos of yourself at your kids’ events. Social media is a powerful and useful tool, however it can open your home up to vulnerability if a potential intruder is receiving confirmation that you’re not around. You can always post photos and thoughts once the event is over.


Get to Know your Neighbors

Your neighbors can be one of your best tools when protecting your kids and home. You can ask trusted ones to keep an eye on your home when you’re away, and check on your kids getting home. They can be your first line of defense against potential intruders, and give your kids a safe place to go if there’s ever anyone hanging near or around the house. Neighbors can help you have peace of mind even when you have to work late.girl-opening-door-590515-edited

Make Checking in Easy

If you have older kids, it can sometimes be tough to get updates from them on where they’re at. We recommend getting Life360 for your family, to make checking in on location and adjusting plans very simple. It’s an easy and effective way to stay connected when you have busy schedules, and to always be aware when they’re at home or out.

Bonus? Piper & Life360 collaborated to create an awesome feature called Smart Arming that helps you keep your loved ones that much safer!