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6 Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Babysitter

Picking a babysitter is tough for both you and your child, especially if they’re very young. There’s separation anxiety to combat, fear of your child not being cared for properly, and special needs not being met in some cases.

When looking for a caretaker for your child, consider asking any potential suitor these 6 questions to ease your mind during the decision making:

1. May I see your babysitting certification?

It’s one thing to claim to be certified, but another to provide the receipts. Never feel bad about asking for certification papers from any potential babysitters. Your child’s health and safety is more important than the fear of offending any potential babysitters.

Shot of a little girl in a tutu playing with a puppy

2. Have you ever babysat children in this age range before?

Just because a candidate has experience, doesn’t mean it’s the right experience for your family. Some babysitters have exclusive experience looking after toddlers, others are more versed in tweens. Make sure you know where your applicant falls in relation to your child to make sure you’re putting him or her in the best possible hands.

Teenage Girl Using Phone As She Feels Intimidated On Walk Home
What’s that, Mrs. Turner? You want me to be there in 30 minutes?

3. Are you okay with last-minute babysitting requests?

You never know when an emergency will pop up and prevent your from being home on an evening or weekend. That’s why it’s important to gauge just how flexible your babysitter will be.

4. Are you okay with babysitting in my home?

Perhaps you have a child who doesn’t deal well with a drastic change of environment, or perhaps you’re setting your babysitter up for your next question…

black piper nv smart home security system camera in living room fireplace

5. I have home security systems set up in various areas of my home. Is that alright with you?

Let’s face it. There’s no way to know for sure whether or not your babysitter is properly caring for your child without a home security system. If having a home security system makes you feel more comfortable about leaving them in the hands of another, then voice it and stand firm in its role in deciding on the right babysitter for your family. You can also help your babysitter feel more comfortable by letting them know where the security cameras are located.

6. Can you provide me with driving record and criminal background checks?

If you need your babysitter to do things like pick your child up from school or take them to extracurricular activities, then it’s in your best interest to conduct a thorough background check on their driving record to make sure they’re capable of dropping your child back off to you in one piece. As for their criminal background check, it’s important to make sure that the person you’re considering hiring for the babysitting position doesn’t have a history of theft, violence, or anything else, for that matter.


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