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7 Cool Tech Gifts For Your Loved One

Are you looking to buy a special gift for the techie in your life but don’t know where to start? Whether your tech lover is into music, security, or (even toast!) we’ve got 7 suggestions you can’t go wrong with.

7 cool gifts for the tech lover in your life

Now, if you’re a gift procrastinator and haven’t gotten anything for your significant other yet, I’m about to inspire you. Is your boyfriend/girlfriend a tech lover? Do you feel like you’re on the opposite side of the spectrum and have run out of ideas?

Here are 7  tech gifts that would be great additions to their homes/lifestyles.
(No more stressing over whether you should splurge on a drone or settle for a cute techie iPhone case).

#1 LED dimmable light bulb

LED light bulb

Are you planning on having a romantic dinner at home? Set the mood, with our favourite dimmable light bulb.

#2 Showerhead with Speaker

Moxie Speaker Showerhead

Make them feel like a rockstar with Kohler’s showerhead + speakers. Super easy to install, and now they can listen to music, news, or radio, every time they’re in the shower. Pretty cool huh?

Moxie showerhead review

#3 Smart Watch

Vector Smart Watch Notifications

You can slip your loved one a cute message on a sleek smart watch like Vector.

Not only that, they could download apps from the Vector App Store (including social media apps, sleep trackers, alarms, calendars and events). It can be customized to do almost everything, starting with calorie counting to checking stock market information.

#4 Smart Toast

Toaster Toasting Messages

Are you running out of creative ideas to tell your significant other that you love them? Write it on toast!
This toaster by Sasha Tseng “toasts” messages into the toast itself so they can read while they eat.

#5 Wireless iPhone Photo Printer

wireless iphone printer copy
Print vibrant colourful photographs with a wireless iPhone photo printer to remember the moments you’ve shared as a couple. Don’t let those moments get lost deep in your phone’s photo gallery.

#6 Smart Telescopes

Cool computerized telescope
Stars are the epitome of romance, but a regular telescope won’t do the trick. It’s 2016, we can now have computerized telescopes!

They can locate thousands of celestial objects, follow the alignments that you want, offer better light-gathering abilities and even provide information when you’re not sure what it is you’re observing.

#7 Smart Mirror

Magic mirror

A man named Dylan Pierce took a DIY gift to the next level and built his girlfriend a smart mirror. One that displays many things like compliments, the weather and the time & date, …

He sure set the bar high, wonder what he’ll do next year!
Here’s a How To: DIY

Hope this helped! Have any questions?
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