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7 Father’s Day Gifts for Tech-Savvy Dads

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of ways to show dad how much you love and appreciate him. If your dad is more technologically inclined, consider getting him a gift from below’s guide:

The Movie Buff Dad

He loves to watch TV. He knows all the movies, old and new. He needs to keep up with all his favorite TV shows.

The Movie Buff Dad can be tough to shop for, because he’s already seen and owned it all.

roku streaming stick


But getting him a streaming device -such as this one by Roku- gives him access to all the movies and shows he loves. It’s portable and includes a mobile experience, so he can bring his movies with him wherever he goes. No excuse for an episode of his favorite show to be ruined!


The Safety Dad

You may call him overprotective, but you’d never call him underprepared. He wants to know where everyone’s going and when they’ll be home, and he expresses his love by ensuring everyone’s buckled up the moment they get in the car.




A DIY home monitoring device like Piper is a great option for this dad, because it allows him to watch over his home so he knows that what matters most is always protected. The simple mobile app (which includes a live video feed and three security settings) allows him to check up on the family home at any time. The door/window sensors let him know when anyone’s leaving – or trying to sneak out – and the live video feed allows him to check up on his kids coming home.


The Outdoorsman Dad

This is the dad that loves fishing trips, cottage season, and camping. Chances are you’ve bought him every fishing lure on the face of the planet, and it’s time to mix it up this year.



A portable power source is one of the most helpful things you could get someone who likes roughing it in the outdoors. If a battery pack seems to lack sentimentality to you, remember that when he’s off trying out that new fishing spot, his mobile device might be the only map he has handy. More importantly, it’s his only way to contact you. That extra power can make all the difference on a camping trip.

Here are just a few features that make the JJF Bird appealing: it’s waterproof, and includes a solar panel if he needs multiple charges.

The Nostalgic Dad

If he can’t believe “how quickly the kids are growing up” and is still convinced his daughter is too young for boys, your dad might be needing a gift that helps him keep all your memories together.




The Canon PowerShot compact camera includes Android connectivity and Wi-Fi technology that makes it easy for him to take advantage of free digital photo sharing platforms like Dropbox, Instagram, and Facebook. Giving him the opportunity to record your memories also means an opportunity to make photo collages for his office and home in the future.


The Fitness Dad

Fitness enthusiasts love to track their heart rate. It can be used to tell how hard the workout was, how much their cardio is improving, and even when they need an extra rest day.




If your dad likes running, chances are he’s already thinking about getting a tracker to monitor his heart rate. We recommend UpMove by Jawbone because it not only tracks heart rate, but steps and sleep as well. It’s not waterproof, but the sleep tracker can be an integral part to his keeping healthy.

The Organized Dad

These are a rare species indeed! But if your father is the kind who loves calendars and lists, who never forgets the milk when he goes grocery shopping, and always remembers who’s picking up the kids, then he’ll love a gift that helps him maintain his organized lifestyle.




These dads tend to frown upon clutter, so why not get him an electronic gift? Tools such as Evernote and LinkedIn are great on their own, but there’s a plethora of benefits to having the Premium version. A year long Premium subscription to one of his favourite online tools is a great way to give him the little extra boost in his organization he’s always wanted.


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