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7 Ways To Keep Your Kids & Pets Safe During Home Renovations

Home renovations can be tough for families.

In major cases, you might find yourself either having to vacate your home to stay with relatives or tapping into your nest egg and springing for hotel accommodations.

In the event that you’re working on minor home renovations that affect only a portion of your house, it might be most economical and reasonable for your family to continue living in the space throughout the project.

You just have to lay down the law to your children and pets to keep them out of harm’s way with these 7 tips:

Sit Them Down For The Tak

How are your kids supposed to know where they can and can’t enter without an explicit conversation? The best way to make sure they stay out of the construction zone is to sit them down, explain what’s going on, and the reasons they can’t go into the certain rooms until construction has been completed. Let them ask as many questions as they want so they can get a deeper understanding of the safety hazards of your home renovation.

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Create A Temporary Replacement Room

It’s a bit unreasonable to expect your kids and pets to stay out of the kitchen throughout your entire 3 week renovation without making proper accommodations. Where else are they going to get their food and drinks?

If your kitchen is under renovation, you should move your fridge, microwave and doggy dishes to the next available room so that everyone can continue on with business as usual throughout the process.


Clearly Mark No-Entry Zones

This one is most useful for pets because they don’t understand the word “No,” as easily as the kids. If you can’t put your pets up at a local kennel or pet hotel, then you should consider locking away the rooms you don’t want them to enter. Whether that’s with lock and key, baby gates, or signs (kids!), is up to you.


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Clear The Air

Home renovations typically produce a lot more dust than households are used to. That’s why it’s important to make sure you schedule your reno to occur during a season where you can comfortably keep your doors and windows open without freezing. Worried about forgetting to close any windows? That’s what door/window sensors are for!

Other great ways to ensure proper air quality include sealing off any HVAC or vents in the area, buying an affordable air purifier, and properly vacuuming and cleaning the workspace on a regular basis.

Hide Your Saws, Hides Your Drills

Talk to your contractors about putting away the tools and building materials that they use. That way, if your kids/pets ignore the prep talk, signs, and locks you put in place to prevent them from entering the construction zone, you can at least breathe a little easier knowing they won’t be able to seriously injure themselves with power tools.

You really can never be too cautious, especially where saws are involved.

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Pick The Safest Materials Possible

Be as involved as you can in choosing the sorts of materials that your family will come in contact with. Consider opting for cleaning solutions, varnishes and paints that are VOC-free. We recently shared a list of safe cleaning products you should use if you’ve got young children or pets, and will continue to share safe home products in the future to help you make the best decisions possible.


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Make Sure To Have A Security System

It’s easy to build trust with contractors that are at your home for extended periods of time, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down completely. I’d suggest having some sort of home security system to make sure to curb your anxiety about items going missing, and even in the event that you won’t be home to let the construction workers in or have to leave for a few minutes!