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80 Million Smart Home Devices Sold In 2016, Almost Double That Expected In 2017

Smart home technology continues to dominate the marketplace with well over 80 million products being sold world wide last year, according to a CNBC report.

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2017 looks to be an even larger year for the space, with the same news site predicting sales of upwards of 130 million smart home devices.

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  1. I love your product but the lack of an outdoor camera option is making me look towards your competitors such as Netgear Arlo. The only thing their system still lacks is an automation hub, but I’m sure that’s coming soon. Piper please step up your game!

  2. I keep reading in a lt of reviews that turning off the alarm once it triggers is kind of difficult, as the app becomes unresponsive, or some other reasons… Is this true? Have you fixed this recently? Thanks.

  3. No outdoor camera yet has me looking at Canary since they have wireless outdoor options! I was excited at first with Piper, but it seems they have hit a plateau.

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