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A Connected Home Makes you Happier with your Smartphone

Have you heard? Smartphone owners who use their mobile devices to power their connected home are more satisfied with their device, according to a new study by J.D. Power.


According to the results:

In all factors measured in the study, customers with connected home devices have higher satisfaction than those who do not, with the gaps most pronounced in the features factor. Features satisfaction is 74 points higher among those who have voice-activated home assistants than those who do not (861 vs. 787, respectively). Among features attributes, customers who have connected home devices provide notably high ratings for a variety of phone file formats and a variety of additional content available, since connected home devices provide access to additional smartphone functionalities.

What is it about the connected home that drives up smartphone satisfaction? According to Kirk Parsons, senior director and technology, media & telecom practice leader at J.D. Power, “Customers with connected home devices are able to improve the comfort, convenience and security of their living spaces with their smartphone devices. They are more satisfied with their smartphones because they can take advantage of smartphone functionalities that other customers may not be aware of.”

Did you become more satisfied with your smartphone when you invested in s smart home? Share your thoughts in our comments section below!