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A Sneak Peek Of Piper’s New Packaging

We’ve been hard at work creating new packaging to house Piper nv units. We wanted to create a box as sleek and sophisticated as the Piper, and are happy to say we’ve managed to do just that.
Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ve got in store for you below, shared by our User Experience Director, Sug:
Wondering how our team came up with the unique new packaging? Sug shares some insights below:

“We worked really hard to get the packaging just right for the Piper nv. The goal was to communicate what Piper stands for through the product presence on the shelf and in your hands, and to optimize the unboxing experience as enjoyable, smooth and welcoming as possible.
You can see the little things we did throughout the package from slanted top to how Piper proudly stands and says hi when you open the box. We see the packaging and the unboxing/setup experience to be, in fact, a big part of the product itself. Without that, you are just buying a bare technology.
Piper is something you trust your house and family’s safety with, and we wanted to make sure its packaging and the whole product experience to be as assuring as it is also friendly and inviting.”

What do you think- are you loving our new digs as much as we are? Let us know in the comments below