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Airlines Are Considering Making This Big Change To The Way You Fly

The airline industry is constantly changing the way we experience travel. As of late, it’s seemed like most of the changes aren’t for the good of the customer as much as it is for the bottom line, but maybe the latest change is a step back in the right direction.
According to Skift, in light of the series of aggressive confrontations flyers have been getting into with each other over seats reclining, airlines are considering eliminating the feature altogether.
I know that sounds awful, especially for longer flights, but that’s because in their upright state, airline seats aren’t ergonomically friendly. The ‘pre-clined’ seat model airlines are pitching are actually the same thing business class passengers on single-aisle aircrafts get to enjoy with perks like more leg room!

Read more about how this possible change could affect your travels, over on Skift.
Do you think airlines should eliminate the reclining feature for short-medium length flights, or should passengers just better learn to behave? Let us know in the comments below!
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