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Are Fake Security Signs Enough To Protect You?

Every now and again, I stumble upon people in home security forums asking whether or not security signs are enough of a burglar deterrent. The answers are always mixed, with some users citing budget constraints as a reason for opting for this option, while others warn about the risks that still remain if a burglar chooses to ignore cautionary decals and proceed into the home.

Before I tell you why I wouldn’t recommend relying wholly on fake security signs, I’d like to share a few reasons why some might suggest using this option:

It’s An Inexpensive Alternative

The most obvious reason various bloggers recommend you try your luck using security warning decals is because they are extremely inexpensive in comparison to the cost of full-blown security systems.

Studies Say Signage Deters Burglars:

There are a few bloggers running with statements that burglars have made about decals being a repellent for them. These same articles don’t typically go in-depth about the dangers of what could happen if a burglar finds out that the signage is bogus, is confident in their ability to thwart the advertised system, or simply tries their luck and chooses to invade the residence anyway.

Positive promotions aside, here are many reasons why it’s not a great idea to rely on fake security signs for home security:

Real Security Companies Don’t Just Hand Out Stickers

Most security companies will not sell you a sticker advertising that your home is protected by them for legal reasons and because they are reserved for actual customers.

Burglars May Look Up The “Security Company”

If you choose to post a decal advertising a fake security company, you might be in for a surprise when you find that your burglar has looked up the company and found it to be fake.

You Won’t Have Evidence If You’re Still Burgled

If a burglar proceeds into your home after finding that the security company was fake, or simply because they have a mask disguising their identity from cameras, you won’t have surveillance footage that can help you nab them and better claim your items with your security company.

Spying with binoculars

Warning Signs Are Just The Tip Of The Security Iceberg

As I’ve always said, home security is a layered effort. This means you’d be wise to secure your home’s exterior, middle and interior layers as best you can for maximum protection.

So, there you have it – a few reasons why some bloggers advocate using false security decals, paired with a couple of reasons why I don’t personally recommend the practise.

Home security doesn’t have to be super expensive, inflexible, or reliant on monthly fees. There are a few affordable options like the Piper nv that you can use to secure your home, in addition to wireless accessories like motion sensors, flood lights, security window film, and more!

Got any home security questions? Feel free to pose them down below!