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Can I Call 911 If Piper Detects A Break-In & I’m Out Of Town?

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Elizabeth, a new Piper user, recently wrote in to us with a question about who she should call in the event that her security system alerts her to a burglary happening in her home if she’s out of state for work or play.


She writes:

This might seem like a dumb question, but I’ve got to ask: 911 is a number that connects you to a station close to you in emergency situations. So let’s say I’m a few states away from home and Piper alerts me that a break-in is going on in my home. I watch the video and confirm that it is indeed happening. Won’t I be connected to a station local to where I’m temporarily staying instead of by my home? How can I quickly reach my local police department in the event of emergency?


That question isn’t dumb at all, Elizabeth! Anyone who learns that their home is being broken into would panic and dial 911. That’s why it’s important that you’re thinking about the logistics before you’re in a worst-case scenario.

If you do panic and call 911 while out of state, you may be lucky enough to reach a dispatcher who can quickly transfer your call to a local department. You also do have other options as well. Consider saving your local station’s phone number so that you have easy access to it if you get that alert. Piper also has a feature called ‘trusted circle’ that notifies the people you trust in the event that motion or sound has been detected in your home in your absence and they can handle calling the authorities for you.

Thanks for asking such an insightful question. I hope learning about the plethora of options you have gives you more comfort!


  1. Two more things to do in advance:

    1- Get the phone number(s) for you local law enforcement and add them to you contacts. Some will give out the numbers for the dispatcher.

    2- Check with your cell provider what they do with 911 calls. Some connect you with the emergency services closest to you cell location, others route the call to that for you address of record.

  2. This is actually an excellent question. I used to work as an Alarm Monitoring Center Dispatcher (think ADT) and I occasionally ran into this situation where I had to dispatch on an alarm signal, usually out-of-state, but didn’t know the local dispatch emergency services information. If you know the area code of the area you are calling, simply dial (local area code) XXX-555-1212. This is the universal information number and when the operator come on, ask for the “non-emergency” number of the local city you need PD/FD response from. This will then usually dial right into the 911 Call Center and then explain you are calling from out of town/state and need a response at your address. This non-emergency number is public information, if you are in the situation above, simply call for it from information, add it to your cell phone before your trip, and then you will be set if you get an alarm from your Piper.

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