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Celebrities Share Their Biggest Moments With Piper

The 67th annual Emmy Awards proved to be a historic event! Piper was there first-hand to capture one of the biggest moments in your favorite celebrities’ lives.
After Allison Janney delivered one of the best speeches of the night, she came over to share her Emmy win for Best Supporting Actress with the Piper world, making it the first time that an Emmy has appeared on Piper!
Allison said that she couldn’t wait to set up Piper because the current security system she’s got “doesn’t even do half of what [Piper] does.”
Keegan-Michael Key also dropped by and gave his famous Pres. Barack Obama impersonation exclusively for us!
Before Viola Davis’ historic win, she spent some time backstage getting to know Piper. Both she and her husband Julius unanimously loved Piper’s sleek black design, and said it would blend in well with their home.
Another Emmy-winner, Queen Latifah, dropped by to say hello to Piper:
Queen-Latifah- Emmy-Awards-Piper-smart-home-security-system
We’ve got a few more photos of celebrities who dropped by down below:
angela-bassett- Emmy-Awards-Piper-smart-home-security-system
LL-Cool-J Emmy-Awards-Piper-smart-home-security-system
jane-lynch- Emmy-Awards-Piper-smart-home-security-system
traci-ellis-ross- Emmy-Awards-Piper-smart-home-security-system
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