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Check Out The New Piper IFTTT Channel!

Our IFTTT  channel is officially live, everyone! If you haven’t already, make sure to head on over to the official Piper IFTTT channel to see the different applets we’ve whipped up especially for you using a lot of the great feedback you’ve left us over the past few months.

IFTTT Recipe: Arm Piper when you leave home connects ios-location to piper

IFTTT Recipe: Disarm Piper when you return home connects ios-location to piper

With the new IFTTT channel, you’re now able to automatically arm and disarm your Piper just by being close or far enough from home.

Isn’t that awesome?

No more rummaging through your bag for your phone while awkwardly standing on the front porch just to disarm your security system! No more setting your groceries on the ground to get your phone out of your back pocket! The possibilities are endless!

You can also tell your Amazon Echo to arm your Piper:

IFTTT Recipe: Alexa, trigger arm my Piper connects amazon-alexa to piper

And easily disarm your Piper straight from your Apple, Android, or Pebble watch:

IFTTT Recipe: Disarm Piper connects do-button to piper

To find out how to get the most out of our IFTTT integration, be sure to check out the tutorial video below:

We’re going to be introducing new applets to this channel, so make sure to keep an eye out for more ways to get the most out of your Piper!


  1. How do I set this up to work with 2 phones?
    Ie. My wife leaves the house with her phone but i’m still home with mine, I don’t want Piper to arm itself with IFTTT when this happens. I set it up on both phones and it doesn’t seem to care that my phone is still home and arms Piper anyway when she leaves.
    I’m sure this is something everyone would want that doesn’t live along.

    Any help would be great!

    1. Hi Noah, I’d suggest you use one of the schedule-based recipes instead or have the person who leaves latest have the arm rule installed while the one who returns earliest sets up disarm.

  2. Any progress is allowing Piper to reset itself in the event of a power outage. Have been using Piper to remotely monitor a property in NJ while in FL. Second time it has occurred in the last two months. Was able to reset on a visit but it just happened again and will not be able to rest for another 6 weeks at least.

    Thank you for the Piper, love it but still have an issue that I believe impacts many customers.

    1. Sorry to hear that, William! The Piper nv reboots itself after power outage but we’re looking into a way to do the same with our classics.

    1. Hi Mauricio, couples can either opt for one of the schedule-based recipes instead or have the person who leaves latest have the arm rule installed while the one who returns earliest sets up disarm!

  3. It works with Life360. Your wife logs in in same account and when the last iPhone left home, Piper arms. When the first one comes home, piper disarms.

  4. Looking forward to Z-Wave accessory control via IFTTT. Any estimate on when this might become available? But the current recipe options are already very useful! Thanks.

    1. Glad you like it, Adam! We’re working on expanding the channel more, and a few users have already started sharing their own recipes, some of which you might enjoy as well.

  5. Wondering if there is a way to set up IFTTT to text me if I left my garage door open for more than 30 minutes. I’ve got a sensor on the door.


  6. I second what Chris Schauli said, we set all of us on Life360 and let it determine the location of when the first or last family member arrives or leaves home to disarm/arm Piper respectively. Works great!

  7. This seems like a major flaw and apparently a step backwards from the 360 functionality. Is there really no way to have it consider more than one device within the recipe for auto arm/disarm based on proximity?

  8. I think a simple extra IFTTT recipe would work best as our schedules are not set in stone
    Like IF phone#1 is home don’t arm phone#2. Can that be done?

  9. I’d be cautious about relying too heavily on the arm/disarm by location. They’re known to be buggy (not Piper’s fault; it’s the IFTTT-side).

    You’ll find at times it doesn’t arm, and at other times it doesn’t disarm (or is slow).

  10. The only action I see available (for the THEN clause) is to change the alarm profile. It would be nice if you add more actions. For example I would like to send a mms picture if motion is detected. We can expand that to send the picture to Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive or email. Maybe Piper can add this as a built in feature instead of ifft.

    For the IF clause, I only see “activity detected”. Can you add those separated? (Ex. Motion detected,noise,temperature)


  11. Still would like to get an MMS or notification when the alarm is set by someone other than me. Looks like there is something like this for an android watch but not just a normal iphone notification.

  12. A great IFTTT recipe would be to automaticly open piper video streaming and start video recording with ” AZ Screen Recorder ” application when piper is on alarm mode…..

  13. I have the same issue. It’s not so easy if people work opposing shifts. In my case i can get a life 360 recipe to consistently and reliably disarm piper but unfortunstely not arm it for some unknown reason. Life360 identifies everyone has left home but the iftt recipe does not arm piper. If this could be resolved it would be utopia. I am just working on a possible fix and if it works I will post the solution.

  14. The location IF statement was driving me nuts. It kept activating Piper while I was home. I tried changing the circumference of the location to be larger so the accuracy could be off and I would still be within range but it still was messing up. It also was NOT arming when I was well away. I ended up having to create my own recipe to arm piper when I connect to my work Wifi and disarm when I connect to my house wifi. This only works on work days. I would try to incorporate live360 with the IF recipes but Live360 doesnt let you download it’s app onto Nexus 7. Its frustrating.

    1. IF location is absolutely unreliable and unpredictable. Officially, IF checks the location every 15 minutes in android (I’ve seen recipes triggered hours after or never) If piper is armed, it’s very likely that the alarm is triggered when opening the front door.

      And also, sometimes the door sensor becomes stuck and piper reports it’s open when really it’s closed. If you set a recipe to arm piper without checking the sensor state, the alarm may be triggered.

  15. What if I set Piper to disarm when someone is home via 360 app but I want it to stay armed in stay mode at night?

    1. Mike, From what I’ve seen, you can only arm with the 360 app and not disarm. But, the IFTTT support allows you to confirm what mode it goes into when you get home. So, I have mine set to change to Armed Stay when I get home and not to disarm.

  16. Any update on a web interface for Piper management? It’s nice to have on the phone app, but there are many times when it’s way more convenient to use on my large computer monitor (e.g.; reviewing records, etc.) Thank you!!

  17. It’s crazy that this is launched with out multi-phone support. I am sure that the vast, VAST majority of people live with someone and require this support.

    Having the alarm set when one person leaves, when the other is home is crazy. Using a time rule is not the answer, do you really want Piper turned off at a set time when you’ve been stuck at work.

    Geo-Fencing was promised in the original campaign, very disappointing that is is still not operational the way it should be.

  18. If I set a recipe to disarm Piper when I connect to my home wifi (forget about IFTTT location, it’s absolutely unreliable and unpredictable) I get a notification saying “Piper has been disarmed” That’s OK. But if Piper is ALREADY disarmed, I get the same notification, which is a little bit annoying.

    When I arrive at home, my wifi connects 3 times (connects near home, disconnects entering the parking, connects exiting the parking, disconnects at the lifter and finally connects near the door) and I receive the same notification 3 times in a period of 2-3 minutes.

    It would be great if the notification is triggered only if the Piper state has changed. Piper only chimes if the state has changed.

  19. If the only way to use IFTTT to automatically arms and disarm the system with multiple users is to use a time-based schedule, then it is not an improvement at all from where I stand. Two users, two phones and non-standard schedules means that we are still stuck manually arming a and disarming no matter what. And Life360 hardly helps; 50% of the time it thinks we are both gone when only one of us has left.
    Automatic arming and disarming is not something to be left to a third party developer. This is the seind try so far, and neither one has gotten it right.

  20. I’ve been using the piper IFTTT channel for a few weeks now and I’ve noticed the piper channel disconnects often. When I go to check my recipes it gives me the message about the recipe not working. Reconnecting to the piper channel fixes the issue but it kind of defeats the purpose.

    I have a recipe that disarms piper at 6:30am during the work week. This morning I was greeted with piper wailing in my ear as the recipe did not work as normal. After I disarmed piper with my phone I got the push notification from IFTTT, half an hour later that piper was disarmed. What the heck??

  21. Hi, can you please explain further how to use a pebble Watch to arm and disarm piper? I’ve seen the Do button but I can’t figure out what I need to download from pebble to get an ifttt channel or a Do button. Thanks

  22. I have 2 Pipers monitoring my home. I’ve worked with IFTTT to integrate them with my SmartThings platform to provide comprehensive automation and security coverage. While I can integrate Piper’s motion sensor as an ‘IF’ into SmartThings, I’d like to have a hook to leverage the Piper sirens when needed along with those attached to my SmartThings platform. Essentially I’m looking for a way to sound the integrated siren as a action (Then) in an IFTTT recipe please.

    Thank you,

  23. I also need it to work with 2 people.
    Your answer of using a schedule based system is a lousy answer and does not solve the issue.

    A high tech device, that uses a phone for its app, but is unable to utilize that phone to automatically arm/disarm is an unfinished device.

    Life360 is a poor implementation and is not accurate enough.

    Make it work with geofencing of multiple phones, or add ifttt integration that has an and/or functionality to utilize multiple phones.

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