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Do Burglars Typically Disarm Security Cameras?

A major question we often get from potential and existing customers is ‘what happens in the event that a burglar sees my Piper security system and tries to destroy or disarm it?
The good news for Piper customers is that Piper’s footage is stored on a cloud-based server, so it doesn’t matter whether or not a thief tries to cover the camera, smash the unit, or unplug it- we’ve already got your footage stored and ready to pass on to law enforcement!

In fact, that’s exactly what happened when one of our UK customers’ home was ransacked by three men.
Bonus: Piper can run for up to 6 hours on battery life. That means that whether it gets unplugged by a masked bandit or loses power connection due to an outage, you’ve still got backup for up to 6 hours.
Despite knowing that Piper’s combination of cloud storage and backup battery is enough to protect you, let’s take a look at whether or not burglars typically even attempt to disarm alarms in the first place:
According to a study conducted by students from the University of North Carolina, which sampled 1,500 burglars divided equally across 3 states (Kentucky, North Carolina, and Ohio), 80.3% of burglars claim that they would never even attempt to disable a security system they became aware of mid-robbery. Only 16% admitted that they would give it a shot, which should give you quite a bit of reassurance about protecting your home with a security system.
Are you surprised by the results of this study? Has a burglar ever attempted to disarm or destroy your alarm system? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. It is really interesting that most burglars would not even try to disarm a security camera. My husband and I have been wanting to put some around our house to protect our family and our belongings. It is good to know that we can expect a high level of security. In addition to that, I think just the sight of a camera can deter someone from targeting your house in the first place.

  2. I dont advertise to potential burglars that I have a piper security camera. With smart phones the burglar can easily Google and find out exactly what it is. Then once they know, all they have to do is cut the power to the house, and in most houses in the U.K. this is very easy as the meter is outside. The camera will then switch to battery, but won’t be able to send anything to the cloud as the modem is powerless, if the burglar takes the camera away before the modem is powered on then there are no images on the cloud. I would rather they got a surprise when they search around and find the camera and then realise that it may be too late, this would hopefully make them flee empty handed….

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