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Do I Still Need A Home Security System If I Live In An Apartment?

A popular question I often get from readers is whether or not they should invest in a home security system if they live in an apartment and not a single family home.

Apartment dwellers typically question whether or not they should have a home security system because 1) they don’t associate condos with break-ins, and 2) they wonder whether or not they can even install a home security system in their apartments due to the widely-held belief that all security systems are wired.

Do Apartments Get Broken Into?

If you live in an apartment, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised to learn that according to the National Crime Prevention Council, apartments are somewhere around 85% more likely to be broken into than single-family homes.

A young woman is relaxing on her balcony on a sunny day

Just like single family home burglaries, the ones that occur in apartments typically take place during the day while most people are away for work or school.

Will My Landlord Allow A Security System?

Landlords typically don’t allow their tenants to install wired security systems for a variety of understandable reasons.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have any security, though.

As we mentioned in our debut blog, Piper was developed specifically with renters in mind. In fact, the idea for an affordable wireless home security product like Piper came about when our founder’s daughter left for school in a different city and moved into an apartment with a friend in a sketchy part of town.

He wanted to buy her something that would keep an eye on her place, allow her to check in on it, turn on lights before she opened the door, and have a siren she could activate if she felt scared at night.

Piper nv - Day capture of a living room

Despite looking around for this sort of security system to buy his daughter, our founder couldn’t find anything that was simple to use, simple to setup, and (most importantly) accessible and controllable by phone.

With its comprehensive security capabilities, Piper is the ultimate home security system that works just as well for apartment renters as it does for home owners.

The added bonus of Piper is that it also includes home automation capabilities that allows you to control and monitor various aspects of your home both indoors and outdoors.


  1. I bought a Piper about six months ago and sometimes it works consistently and incessantly and sometimes it turns itself off and doesn’t work at all what’s up with that

    1. Hi Anna,

      That sounds unusual. Please give our customer support line a ring, we’re available to help you! 1-888-612-7688

  2. I have purchased my piper at XMAS and have been very happy with it so far. The set up was easy and I like to receive notifications and also the possibility of looking at my home whenever I want to.
    Planning the purchase a 2nd unit very soon


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