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Do You Change Your Door Locks After A Break-Up?

As we all know, relationships have their ups and their downs and unfortunately come to an end sometimes.

Whether your relationship ends amicably or during a volatile period, your personal security should always be top priority.

I know that you probably ask your former significant other to hand over the spare key you gave them to your home as you kick them out, but have you ever stopped to wonder whether or not they’d already made copies of it knowing that the relationship was going downhill?

lucille booth door locks gif

I’m not saying everyone you break-up with is dangerous or worth worrying about. What I am saying, though, is that longterm relationships that carry a lot of history and passion can sometimes leave people feeling desperate, bitter, and sometimes downright hateful upon their demise.

Hell hath no fury, after all.

I’ve never personally been in the position to have to change my door locks, but I am wondering whether or not it’s a common practise that you or anyone you know has had to do.

woman ponders whether or not she should change door locks


And if you don’t change your door locks after an intense break-up what (if anything) would prompt you to?

Feel free to share your advice and stories in the comments section down below – you just might save someone a massive headache!


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