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European Pipers Now Compatible With The Fibaro Smoke Sensor!

Great news, Europe! You can now pair your Piper nv with the Fibaro smoke sensor—a smart accessory that can remotely alert you to any signs of smoke and fire.


Compact and sleek in design, the Fibaro smoke sensor‘s perforated grille allows for a smaller amount of smoke to discover threat and trigger the alarm. It also automatically self-tests its connection every 5 seconds and lets you know what state it’s in by displaying colours on it’s LED. Green, for example, means the smoke sensor is working fine.



In the event of alarm, your smoke sensor will alert you via sound, a blinking LED, and Piper app alert.

Like what you see? Pair your Piper nv with a Fibaro smoke sensor today!



  1. I write from Europe (Spain). Let me know please if compatibility is with Fibaro FGSs-001 model, with model Fibaro FGSs-002 or both. Thank you very much.

  2. Hello there
    It is really strange my fibaro send me abnormal alert of smoke detection but there is nothing special in my house. How to avoid this ?

    Thank you for your advice

  3. Piper keeps sending me false alerts says my Fibaro smoke detector detects smoke but there is no smoke or anything else that would trigger a smoke detector…

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