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5 Ways to Protect Your Home at Night

Whether you’re having an evening in or out, protecting your home at night is a huge concern. Although many burglars may choose to commit their crimes during the day because homes are most likely to be empty then, night provides burglars “cover” with decreased visibility and fewer people out and about.

Here’s a list of five ways you can protect your home at night:

Install motion-triggered floodlights

If you’re being robbed at night, chances are the burglar believes you’re out for the evening and doesn’t want to be seen. Using motion-triggered floodlights has the potential to scare them off since you’re quite literally putting them in the spotlight.

This effect is compounded by the fact that these floodlights are likely to alert your neighbours to the commotion. They increase the chance that someone will call the police, which greatly increases the chance of the perpetrator getting arrested if they choose to continue with the burglary.


Advertise that you have a security system

Informing your burglar that there will be video evidence of their actions is another effective deterrent. Most burglars are opportunistic, and video footage and alarms increase their risk. The kind of burglar likely to target your home will be semi-professional at best, and is very unlikely to even try to disable a security system. Advertising your security will make your home appear less attractive as a target.

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Scare them with a loud siren

A loud siren triggered either by their movement or opening a window or door immediately alerts a potential burglar that you have a security system. In addition, an alarm can create the assumption that authorities are being alerted, which is likely to scare off an opportunistic burglar.

Perhaps more importantly, if you’re at home and someone breaks in, a loud siren will wake you and alert you so you can manage the situation and avoid risk to yourself.

Fake having a night in

Burglars opt to commit their crimes during the day because it is more likely for a home to be empty. If a home is consistently  empty, or if it’s obvious that you’re away for the night, your home is at greater risk from opportunist burglars.

Automate your lights so they can be turned on and off during the night to deter potential burglars. Use a smart switch with a radio or your tv to simulate voices and home activity.


If your kids are home alone, it might be tempting to encourage them to keep the house looking dark and quiet. However, this makes your home more tempting to opportunist burglars. Remember that if there’s movement and noise in the house, especially with a TV on, it is very difficult to distinguish if just the kids are home. This means most burglars will pass up your house for an easier target.

Lock your doors

Even when you’re at home, locking your doors it a simple and effective way to help prevent opportunist burglars. When headed to bed, do a check of all the doors and windows to ensure they’re locked up. If your house is locked tight, especially any sliding doors or french doors, a potential burglar may be deterred by the increased effort – and therefore risk – of the crime.


  1. After the update this week my smart switch is not following the schedule to turn my light on at dusk. It would be lovely if Piper cared about its customers…but they don’t…and if you say something is wrong with the product or software they delete you from Facebook. I’m not the only one!!! Time to find another smart home product. Sad as I really loved my Piper, but customer service has been awful since February. Do you care Piper? Then gave your CEO contact me!!!!!

  2. I had a problem with my second Piper sending out alerts continuously. After extensive discussions with customer service who worked very hard to solve the problem and documenting all of my settings, he kicked it up to a higher level.

    Higher level a day later sent me an email with basic instructions to do what I had already done and was confirmed by the initial contact. I uninstalled the unit to stop the continuous messages, emails, etc. Of course since I am away from my home I cannot reset that camera and have half my home unprotected.

    There are far better and more flexible systems out there. Oh by the way, Piper has never implemented their promised (for years) ability to have multiple on/off times.

  3. I having a security system is the best option for keeping your house protected. It was even able to help the lady that was attacked in the video. There have been some break-ins in my neighborhood over the last few weeks and I really think it’d be a good idea to get a home security system installed. Hopefully I can find a good installation service in my area. Thanks for the post!

  4. I am disturbed that the customers that have had Piper is not getting the customers Service they need. I rave so much about Piper and have recommended that they get it. This is now December and I will need help with installing my windows alarms on my windows! I pray it has changed since these last remarks. I hate to think about another company!

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