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Flexibly Rearrange Your Accessory Drawer!

In our latest app release, we introduced a highly requested settings option that allows you to customize the order that wireless accessories appear in your accessories drawer.

Re-arranging to your liking is as simple as following the quick steps in our video below:

Happy shuffling!


  1. Thanks for the update. Worked great! I rearranged to have the Door sensor status first, light controls next and then water sensors.

  2. I’m using mine outdoor and it’s fine. It’s on my porch, all year round. Sometimes it’s -25 outside and it’s still fine. Just make sure it’s not exposed to rain or snow.

  3. Hy I also wait for Piper for outdoor –

    also it would be better when I can put in the sirene only for one piper – sorry my english is not the best – I mean I have pets and so I do not dare sirene sharp – because poor pets it is to loud – it would be desirable when i can take the panic button only for one piper not for all –

    also is it would be desirable when i can secure the temperature for all pipers individuelly …

    but piper is the best what i see – i try do connect Arlo – the picture was super, but the trigger was terrible – ma man was 1 meter before and i get not an alarm… i send it return…

  4. Realy? You use your Piper outdoor? I have both sides under roofs also the can not be wet. But until now I have not dared to use outside – I think I must try it

  5. Just great, I was hoping that this feature would be added soon. Great job! I think being able to set color coding for devices would also be very helpful in any future updates.

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