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Flying During Pregnancy? Here Are Regulations You Should Know About

Are you holding your baby bump in one hand and airline tickets you purchased long before you knew you were pregnant in the other? Not only is the thought of squeezing into sardine can seats and balancing a feeding tray on your bump highly unappealing, but it may not even be possible for you when it comes to certain airlines.

Whether your baby bump just decided to make its grand appearance or you absolutely must take a flight to get to your destination, here are a few rules various airlines have for flying during pregnancy that you should know about:

is flying during pregnancy ok? pregnant woman waits at the airport

Don’t Fly During The Last Month Of Your Pregnancy

This is the most frequent rule I saw while researching the topic. Most airlines have strong regulations against traveling within the ninth month of your pregnancy, and some (like Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic) even begin at 7 months.

The reason flying during the last few weeks of your pregnancy is highly discouraged and regulated is because it has been known to cause premature labour and other complications that put mom and baby at risk. The hazards can also extend to all passengers on the plane in the event that the aircraft is forced to make an emergency landing in order to subdue the situation.


Get A Doctor’s Note…But Not Too Soon

Most airlines will require you to have a doctor’s note on-hand before allowing you to board your flight, and they typically can’t be any older than 72 hours. Some airlines, like Air Transat, won’t even let you on with a note that’s over just 24 hours old!

You Might Have To Give Up That Exit Row Seat

You may be kicked out of your exit row seat when flying with Southwest Airlines because their website says that although you can fly with them during your pregnancy, you may have to give up your aisle seat to someone a little more…“agile.”


Have you ever had a memorable experience flying during your pregnancy? We want to hear all about it in the comments section down below!