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Give Your EU Piper The Gift Of Smart Lighting!

All European Pipers are now compatible with the Domitech smart dimmable light bulb!

You know what that means?

No more leaving your cozy couch to adjust the lights! When you pair your device with the Domitech Smart Bulb, you’ll be able to set any room’s mood by remotely dimming or turning your lights on and off.


Simply pair the light bulb with your Piper, and you’ll immediately be on your way to saving up to $120/year in energy costs and not having to replace it for up to as many as 22 years!

That’s not where the benefits end; the Smart LED Dimmable Light Bulb allows you to use your mobile Piper app to remotely turn your lights on, off, or dimmed to optimal lighting levels. It also gives you the chance to create schedules, making your lights completely automated.