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Going On Vacation? Here’s How To Put Your Mail On Hold

If you’ve got a vacation coming up soon, you’re probably thinking of the various ways you can make sure that your home looks occupied and unappealing to any neighbourhood rascals.

As you know, burglars target homes that look unoccupied. What gives your absence away? An overgrown lawn, lights that are on/off during an unusual hour, and an explosively full mailbox, among others.

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Before you head off for your well-deserved vacation, make sure to talk to your local post distributors about how to put your mail on hold for the duration of your absence.

If your usual carrier is USPS, you’re going to want to make sure to file your request at least 30 days in advance so they can hold your mail at the local Post Office until you’re back. The process of creating and cancelling the official USPS Hold Mail Service is quite convenient since it’s 100% digital.

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Canadians have it pretty easy too. All we have to do is head over to the Canada Post website & register for their Hold Mail Service, which includes up to 4 individuals in one residential request. Though it seems as though USPS has a free hold mail service, Canada Posts lists its service as costing $40.95 for the first 5 weekdays and $7.50 for each additional one.

Don’t stop your vacation home security at just mail, though. You should also arm your home with a smart home security system that allows you to keep an eye on it 24/7 regardless of where you are. If you can’t afford more than one for your home, you should pair it with affordable security accessories like door/window sensors that notify you the moment any doors or windows have been opened in your home, water sensors that can let you know about any faulty plumbing before the drips become a costly flood, and smart light bulbs that allow you to turn your lights on off and dim them remotely so that your home always seems occupied.