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Here’s Why Layered Home Security Should Be Your Top Priority

Layered security is formed by adding different systems of protection. It begins with recognizing that every solution has holes, so the most effective way to protect your home is to combine multiple measures that compliment each other.

If you’ve heard of layered security, it’s likely been in the context of computers. Antivirus applications, firewall applications, anti-spam applications, parental controls, and privacy controls are all required to have a reasonably secure computer. This is because each security measure tackles a specific area where your computer could be invaded, so when they all work together, all of these areas are covered.

Home security works similarly, in that a home often has multiple potential points of entry, as well as different parts that require protection. Layered home security allows you to cover all of these areas, and doesn’t force you to choose a top priority. We work to make Piper compatible with Wireless Accessories so that you can achieve successful layered home security easily and effectively.what-at

There are three main layers that everyone should be aware of: the exterior, centre, and interior. The exterior layer is composed of your surrounding property, where as the centre is your home, and the interior consists of family members, pets, and valuables, such as cash or memorabilia.

The interior layer of your home can be protected using safes, additional motion sensors, and Piper‘s two-way audio. When it comes to protecting our valuables, safes are an effective way to make sure that if someone breaks into your home, they won’t easily be able to access those things that matter most. Motion sensors, like the Fibaro one we support, give you the option to receive additional notifications if anyone enters the area around your valuables.

dog sitting on master bed looking out the window

Piper’s two-way audio permits you to communicate with your pets, helping them deal with separation anxiety, for example. The live video feed can also help you check in on aging parents or kids getting home from school. Together these features can ensure you’re able to protect the interior layer of your home.

The centre layer is the easiest one to secure with Piper. It’s good to imagine your house as the “shell” protecting valuables and family members. Securing the centre layer concerns ensuring your home is not entered by someone unwanted.

Housebreaker enters the estate

The app’s dashboard snapshot allows you to quickly check up on your space, and use of the alarm is a strong deterrent to would-be burglars. Door/window sensors are hugely important to centre layer security. With them, you can choose to receive notifications whenever a door or window is opened and always know  when your home is secure and when it has been breached. Automated lightbulbs can also help here, allowing you to light up dark spaces before you get home, and feigning being at home when you’re on vacation to deter potential burglars.

Securing the exterior layer of your home can sometimes be the most challenging. It is the part most open to strangers, and often the part that is most neglected when building up your home’s layered security. However, using an outdoor smart switch to schedule or automatically turn on your lights is a simple measure that can go a long way in deterring would-be burglars.


When it comes to protecting your family members and valuables, layered security is the most effective way to ensure their safety.


Have you started adding security to the various layers of your home? Share your tips in the comments down below!