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Holiday Safety Tip: Let Smart Switches Work For You!

With the winter holidays coming up, I thought I’d share some safety tips that can help you celebrate as safely as possible.

First up? Smart Switches. As you’ve probably noticed by now, we here at Piper are all about finding ways to make your home both smart and secure. One of the greatest benefits of a smart home is its ability to help you automate your life and free up time.

Smart switches are one of the greatest accessories you can have during the holiday season.

Crawling under the Christmas tree to plug or unplug it is quite the hazardous undertaking, as you risk the tree falling on you during the task or losing a proper grip the more you do it, causing it to fall when you least expect it.

People also forget to turn off their tree lights before going to bed or leaving the house for an extensive period of time, which can result in fires.

These are just a variety of reasons why I use a smart switch to light my Christmas tree; I’m able to set up a lighting schedule that suits me, don’t need to strain my back and never forget to turn out the lights, either.

Because my condo doesn’t have a balcony I don’t get the chance to use an outdoor smart switch anymore, but I set my parents up with my old one and they use it to time the holiday lights they set up on their porch and exterior tree. They’re extremely happy knowing that they’ll never forget to turn their holiday lights on or off!

Has home automation been a big part of your holiday safety or decorating? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. 1. Whatever happened to the key fobyou guys said you were working on. Amazon can make them to order dish soap I would think your people could come up with one.
    2. You told me way back last year you were coming up with a way to use the garage door openers. Nothing ever came of that either. Your just not keeping up with your competitors. I’ve already started changing over. Sorry, Bill Millard.

  2. Hi,

    You need to add a schedule to when the switch uses a rule. I want to turn on the lights when the ambient light gets too low but turn off the lights at a certain time in the eve, i also then don’t want the lights to come back on again (as they do now after about 45 mins because the light is still low) until the next day in the evening.

  3. I have my smart switch integrated with IFTTT to turn the indoor tree lights on when I arrive at home. Then the setting in the piper app turns it off at 10:30pm.

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