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How A Snow Car Cover Can Make Your Winter A Little Less Miserable

Winter is not all bad, it’s got a few perks like holidays, food, snow days, skiing, more food… BUT there is one thing we all dread, and that’s waking up on a cold winter morning and having to scrape the ice and snow off our car before grumbling off to work.

Now, before you start dreading the next morning here’s a cool trick to quickly clean the snow off your car, and I really do mean QUICKLY.

Using a snow car cover, a tarp (basically)! Here’s an example:

Tarps are actually quite easy to find both online (Walmart) and in stores & typically cost under $100!

You can finally forget about having to do this…

Man cleaning snow off his car

… and freezing your fingers off.

Still need more emotional support when it comes to clearing ice off your car? The folks over at LifeHack sure know what they’re talking about!

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