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How Airlines Are About To Make Your Flights More Personalized

International travel has to be one of the most impersonal experiences you can have. You have to squeeze yourself into very densely packed seats (unless your fortunate enough to fly first/business class), eat bland food that wouldn’t normally be anyone’s first choice, and try to find something at least mildly entertaining on the equally generic entertainment system your airline provides.
Fortunately, airlines are taking steps to make traveling a lot more enjoyable for passengers. According to Gizmodo, in-flight entertainment systems are looking to eventually sync with your personal device’s media, much like how Uber customers with Spotify accounts get to enjoy their play lists almost automatically. 
That’s not all, though. Apparently long security lines could also be a thing of the past thanks to ‘biometric scanning’, and international airports might also become “more like a museum, replete with robots and holograms.” 
Are you as intrigued as I am? Read more about the airports and airlines of the future, over on Gizmodo!

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