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How Apple’s iOS 10 Plans To Increase Organ Donations

Apple is really pushing to increase the amount of registered organ donors in the US with their iOS 10 update.

Though the initiative is arguably a bit invasive, it should come as no surprise given that the company’s co-founder Steve Jobs passed away from a rare strain of pancreatic cancer in 2011 that might have been curved had he received a liver transplant sooner than he did.

Organ_Donation_MedicalID-apple-ios 10 update

As it stands, a person is added to the organ waitlist every 10 minutes and 22 people die each day due to a shortage of organ donations. The call to be a donor will be within the updated iOS 10 Health app, where “just a few taps,” is all it takes for a user’s registration to be sent straight to the National Donate Life Registry.


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