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How Dimming Your Lights Impacts Your Health & Savings

Choosing to control your lights via dimmers can not only impact your wallet in a positive way, but your health as well.

Mornings can be hectic in a family home – even more so if waking the sleeping beauties is a monumental task. For a child, five minutes seems like an eternity but for you, the busy parents, an extra five minutes can turn your morning routine into a morning marathon.

That’s why Smart Dimmers and dimmable lightbulbs are a great way to give the kids a wake-up call they can’t ignore. All you need to do is pair one to your Piper system, place it in their room and voila! You can now schedule the lights to turn on at any time to ensure they are up by the time the morning alarm sounds.


Hand changing a regular light bulb for LED


Starting to dim the lights up to 30 minutes before the alarm blares you awake can lead to decreased grogginess in the morning. Instead of raising your voice calling “Time to get up!” you can simply raise the lights a little at a time to give your child a more natural morning.

Outside of helping your loved ones wake up more comfortably, dimmers and dimmable bulbs carry positive health implications and are cost-effective as well. On the health front, architects Ed Clark and Marty Brennan have reported that evolution has not negated our physiological need to abide by circadian rhythms. You can read more on how both natural and artificial lights and other aspects of architecture affect our circadian rhythms over here.

According to Eco Business reporter Boon Liang Seng, dimmable lights can even reduce your lighting costs “by up to 40% and the lifespan of a lightbulb extended by 20 times if the lights are dimmed by 50 per cent.” Talk about paying for itself! To learn more about how dimmable lightbulbs can save you money, click here.