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How Do You Use YOUR Piper?

One of the best things about Piper is the fact that the ways to use it are simply endless. We love hearing your stories of how you use Piper to monitor your homes, as the reasons vary from practical to inspirational, and sometimes hilarious!
Take our Corporate Event Manager Marie-Laurence, for example. She travels so much for business that Piper is super handy when it comes to not only watching her home, but keeping an eye on her car as well.
When Marie was roommates with her sister, she used Piper to keep an eye on her room to make sure she’d always know if her sister borrowed her clothes without asking while she was away. She’d also have one looking out of her window towards her parking space to be assured that no one broke into her car or stole it while she was away. Isn’t it great to eliminate the guessing and stressing while you’re away from home?
I personally use mine to watch my dog, Nala.


She suffers from extreme separation anxiety, so I like to try to calm her down by talking to her through our two-way voice feature periodically throughout the day. She usually roams the kitchen/living room area, so I’ve got my Piper set up in the living room and am able to see her in the kitchen thanks to its massive 180° fisheye lens.
Whether you’re watching your parents, children, alternate home, or pets, how you use Piper matters to us. Please leave a comment below telling us how you use your Piper security camera, and we’ll be sure to share our favorites!