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How Piper Prevented Bob’s Pipes From Freezing

We absolutely love reading all the comments you leave around the web about your experiences using Piper.

No two experiences are ever alike, and it’s just so amazing to see the endless amounts of ways customers use our security system to protect their homes.

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We recently received an amazing anecdote from Bob L., a long-time user who says that Piper’s temperature sensors prevented his pipes from freezing!

He writes:

Dear Sir or Madam,


I just want to thank you for “saving our bacon”. When we bought the Piper NV the last thing that I thought I would need was the temperature readings it provides. But 3 weeks after we left home for an extended leave, I noticed that the temperature in the house was dropping quickly.

What had happened was the thermostat batteries gave out so our furnace didn’t know it had to turn on. With the winter weather being very cold, there was the real possibility of all our pipes freezing. Since I had set an interior temperature range, your Piper warned me that the house was below 50 degrees and something had to be done fast.

piper smart home security camera system temperature threshold control

Luckily, our son lives close by and stopped over and changed the batteries in the thermostat. Problem solved! If it wasn’t for the Piper, the outcome could have been very different AND COSTLY! Thanks again for producing such a great unit.

Best wishes,

Bob L.


It’s so great to hear the various ways our customers are able to rely on Piper beyond video security. Thanks to Piper’s immersive 24/7 connection to your home, you’re able to protect your family from a lot more than burglars!

To help you avoid the same emergency situation, Bob graciously added the following to his testimonial:

[I] also recommend that people change their thermostat’s battery before leaving for an extended stay. I was lucky that my son lives close by and could assist us while we were gone.

Do you have a special Piper experience you’d like to share with us? Feel free to email me, godumo@icontrol.com or comment below!


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