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How To Adjust Piper’s Video Quality

A little known fact about Piper’s video quality is that it can actually be taken from great to amazing quality right from your mobile app!

To find out how to customize the resolution to what’s most suitable for you, watch the quick tutorial video below:


  1. dumb question, but does the video quality settings there reflect the recording video quality? Or is the recording at full res, while the stream is at the settings mentioned in the tutorial.

    Thank you!

  2. These settings do nothing to improve video quality. I have maxed the settings. The sad truth is the fuzzy images generated by live streaming piper (v.1) are worse than the average convenience store robbery video you see on the local news. The screen shot images on the piper website are deceptive and false advertising. The brief video captures (optional recording settings) are about one frame per second. A body moving in front of the camera is captured in short blurs. Not useful if you need to identify an intruder.

  3. There could be a bug. I’m finding that my changes to the video settings don’t seem to stick. I make the change (to max resolution), exit back to the main screen, then go back to check my settings and they appear as they were prior to my changing them. There’s no prompt or button to confirm any change, either.

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